Floods Warning as Dam Supplying Nairobi Water Tipped to Overflow

  • Officials from Murang'a on Saturday, December 7 warned area residents of impending floods after they noted that if the rains continued pounding, Ndakaini Dam would overflow.

    Led by Governor Mwangi wa Iria, the officials advised residents who lived near the dam to seek shelter in higher grounds to avert any disaster.

    The governor urged the National Disaster Management Authority to help avert any tragedy.

    Ndakaini Dam in Murang'a county.

    This warning comes barely 24 hours after another warning was issued to residents of Masinga over the impending overflow of Masinga Dam.

    Water Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui stated the water level was only 1.28 metres short of spilling over.

    He called on the relevant government agencies to help people move to safer areas to avoid loss of lives and property.

    “The levels as at 7 am today (Friday, December 6), Masinga dam was left with only 1.28 metres to fill up and this will be achieved by Sunday if the rain continues with the same intensity,” Chelugui told a press conference in Nairobi, where he also cautioned people living around Kamburu, Kiambere, Gitaru and Kindaruma dams to also take precautions.

    “The people living around those areas are therefore notified to move to higher grounds and adhere to relevant flood alerts given through various media channels and community forums to avoid the loss of lives, property, the spread of water-borne diseases and loss of biodiversity,” Chelugui stated.

    Muranga has experienced major landslides as a result of the heavy rains.

    On December 3, about 2,000 tea bushes were swept away following a landslide that happened at 2am in Githambo Village, Kiharu Constituency.

    A section of tea farms in Githambo village in Murang’a County where a landslide swept away bushes on December 3, 2019