Eve D'Souza Engaged on a Beach in India [PHOTOS]

  • Media personality and actress Eve D’Souza has been engaged to the love of her life, Simon Anderson, on a beach in India.

    D'Souza took to social media to share the good news with her followers.

    "The entire universe conspired to help us find each other and it was truly worth the wait. Once in a lifetime, you meet someone special who changes everything.

    "I can't wait to marry you and look forward to a lifetime of adventures and special moments together," D'Souza penned the message to her fiance.

    Media personality Eve D’Souza got engaged in a beach in India on Saturday, December 7.

    D'Souza, who is a former radio presenter at Capital FM, a famous actress on both Varshita and Aunty Boss.

    In a 2018 interview with a local publication, the actress narrated of an incident where she was raped by two men who carjacked her in 2005.

    “I went for one counselling session but I didn’t go back. It wasn’t for me. I instead dived into work and radio was my therapy. It took me longer to get past the attack this way. It happened in 2005 but I didn’t fully feel healed until around 2014,” she disclosed.

    The celebrated actress also stated that the incident had made her very cautious about relationships.

    “I honestly can say it’s made me a stronger and more determined woman, but it showed me first-hand that nothing is put in your path that you’re not strong enough to handle,” she stated.

    Eve D'souza and her fiance Simon Anderson when she got engaged in a beach in India.