Empathetic Messages Pour in After Stivo Simple Boy's Revelation

  • Popular rapper Steven Otieno alias Stivo Simple Boy on Saturday, December 7, narrated of a moving experience he faced while growing up.

    In an interview conducted by The Standard, the musician disclosed that he had a tough early life as other children insulted him, claiming that he was unattractive.

    "It was worse when I was growing up. Children would make songs about how ugly I was. They would block my path and call me a squirrel," he stated.

    The musician added that he had become used to his face getting all the negative attention.

    Stephen Otieno AKA Stivo Simple Boy. He lives in Kibra with his younger sister Linet.

    "God created me like this, what do you expect me to do?" he questioned.

    His sentiments were received by outpouring messages from many who thought he was handsome. 

    "Your heart is beautiful, that's all that matters, beauty isn't physical appearances we're all God's creation by his own image. You'll be surprised having beautiful wife and children God willing," Dove Sky commented.

    "Your beauty is in your heart. You are not different from God's image. I don't see anything wrong," Angella Theresea weighed in.

    "I see you, I see the image of God.. ignore them bullies and haters who thrive on putting people down," Believe Danco stated.

    "Beauty comes from heart not how you look, much love go higher," Munawari opined.

    "To me you looks very lovely, your heart it's very rich," another stated.

    Stivo Simple Boy (left), his sister Linet (centre) and K24 TV anchor Betty Kyallo at Stivo Simple Boy's residence in Kibra.