Multiple Vehicles Ram Into Each Other on Mombasa Road [VIDEO]

  • On Sunday, December 8, multiple cars were involved in a road accident along Mombasa Road.

    The crash is reported to have occurred near Green Park estate at Athi River.

    From a clip shared on social media, a trailer, a smaller lorry and passenger bus are seen to have collided on the dual carriage highway.

    Police and other rescue vehicles were already on-site to ensure traffic was progressing well.

    The bus involved in an accident along Mombasa Road on Sunday, December 8.

    It is not clear the number of casualties from the accident.

    Drivers are advised to practice caution as they take to the road in the festive season especially with the wet conditions.

    A report by the National Safety and Transport Authority (NTSA) shows that the number of people who have died on roads this year has surpassed those who perished in 2018.

    According to the latest survey results, the country has lost 3,112 by 18th November compared to 2,727 who died in 2018.

    Pedestrians are the most vulnerable with 1,201 having died. 

    Here is the video: