Governor Mutua Dares Kenyans to Seek Jobs in His Backyard

  • Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on Sunday, December 8, launched an appeal to workers across the country to visit his county for new opportunities due to what he termed as a shortage of workers plaguing the region.

    On a long post on his social media pages, the governor called for individuals from across the country to take advantage of the open opportunity provided by the private sector conducting projects in the region.

    "I am calling for qualified Kenyans builders from anywhere in Kenya to come and look for work in Machakos county from the many private sector ventures going on. We have a severe shortage of qualified Masons, Electricians, Tilers, Plumbers, Foremen etc," Mutua announced.

    Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua on Sunday, December 8, revealed that the incentives in his county have led to many jobs but few qualified personell to handle them.

    The governor revealed that at the moment, the workers partaking in the projects are so caught up in the intense work schedules that there is barely time to be relieved of their duties even on weekends.

    This, he stated, necessitated the need to outsource workers in order to ensure that the projects being undertaken went on as scheduled and be completed in record time.

    "My government has created an enabling environment for business to thrive so that jobs can be created and people made richer. As a result, in every corner of the county, we have many projects going on," Mutua gushed.

    He further stated that the new workers would help in plugging the shortage while the area residents went to the area polytechnics to receive free training and empowerment to enable them to take advantage of future opportunities.

    "My economic projection arising from my planning and execution is that from this coming year for the next ten years, Machakos will grow at an unprecedented pace. We have set the stage for the enrichment of our people, the Maendeleo Chap Chap way," he announced.

    The governor appealed to Kenyans to respond to the announcement as soon as possible to ensure that the growth projections and county development plans are not thrown off the rail.

    "Please, if qualified, visit the many projects going on all over Machakos county from today and help us transform Machakos and Kenya together as you make money to take care of yourself and your family," he concluded.

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