Evacuation as Another Building Nears Collapse in Embakasi [VIDEO]

  • On Sunday, December 8, tenants in Embakasi were evacuated following fears that the seven-storey was in danger of collapsing.

    Senior Chairman Peace and Security Embakasi Division Mr. Nyerere led the exercise after the building near AA headquarters opposite St Bakhita Hospital, was discovered to have expansive cracks.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Eric Ambuche, an activist, confirmed that the exercise was ongoing as the building was flooded with raw sewage and had no columns for stability.


    "The building is unsafe and people are being evacuated so that we do not have another case like that of Tassia. That area is not very far from here and most of the buildings on this site don’t conform to specifications.

    "Now that it has rained heavily, chances for such incidents repeating is very high," he told this writer over the phone.

    The faults in the structural integrity of the building are plain to see as it is clearly unsafe.

    There are also health concerns in the area as the septic tank has overflown from the heavy rains and there is human waste that overflowed and there are fears a cholera outbreak.

    "If you visit the building as a layman, you will see that the building is unsafe, there is human waste there that overflowed which can cause cholera. If people continue living there it poses a danger," Eric explained.

    On Friday, December 6, a building that housed 46 families collapsed in Tassia Estate. As at Sunday, November 8, the death toll from the Tassia estate tragedy had risen to seven.

    35 people had been rescued from the rubble.

    Here is the video of the evacuations: