Tassia Tragedy Live Blog: Full Coverage of Rescue Operations

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    A six-storey building in Tassia Estate, Embakasi East collapsed on the morning of Friday, December 6, with several occupants trapped inside.

    Rescue efforts are currently ongoing with cooperation from area residents, the police, the Kenya Red Cross and rescuers from the Nairobi County.

    In this live blog, Kenyans.co.ke brings you by-the-minute updates of the ongoing rescue efforts from our reporter Simon Kiragu who is at the scene.

    8:46 p.m.: Four occupants confirmed dead while 29 others rescued as of 8 pm.

    6:45 p.m.: Kenya Red Cross confirms the deaths of two occupants of the ill-fated building that came tumbling down at about 8 a.m. on Friday. Rescue efforts are still ongoing spearheaded by among others, the Kenya Red Cross, Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) and the National Disaster Management Unit.

    6:34 p.m.: The atest update from the Kenya Red Cross indicates that by about 3 p.m.,11 people had been rescued from the rubble as specialised search and rescue teams continued with operations. The 11 are receiving medical treatment.

    Eye-witness reports had indicated to our reporter that since when first responders (largely residents) arrived at the scene, about 20 people had been rescued. 

    The Kenya Red Cross has set up a psychological support service and tracing desk a block away from the scene. It has advised families that are searching for their loved ones to reach them via 0715820219.

    4:13 p.m.: A section of the Outering Road has been closed to pave way for ambulances to efficiently ferry victims to hospitals.

    4:10 p.m.: "I'm told the Tassia building had a basement in which there was a video game store frequented by children. Hoping it wasn't open yet," BBC correspondent Ferdinand Omondi has informed.

    3:10 p.m.: Two extraction points created to enable the rescuers to access the people trapped in the building.

    2:58 p.m.: Rescuers pave the way for excavators to lift the rubble and allow them to access people feared trapped inside. Kenya Red Cross, Nairobi County and St John's ambulances on standby.

    1:55 p.m.: BBC Correspondent Ferdinand Omondi reports that a girl has just been rescued but unfortunately, her mother is still trapped. 

    The strewn belongings of the occupants of the building that collapsed on Friday, December 6, in Tassia, Embakasi East

    1:48 p.m.: Nairobi Regional Commissioner, Wilson Njenga, who is at the scene says that the residential building contained 57 single rooms.

    1:42 p.m.: Embakasi East MP Babu Owino arrives at the scene of the tragedy. 

    1:30 p.m.: The Kenya Red Cross is in the process of setting up a desk for psychosocial support services and tracing.

    St John's Ambulance volunteers at the site of the collapsed building in Tassia, Embakasi on Friday, December 6, during the ongoing multi-agency rescue operations.

    1:10 p.m.: It has been established that out of the people rescued, 2 of them were unfortunately already dead.

    12:38 p.m.: 20 people have reportedly been rescued from the building. Reports indicate that those trapped in the building are more and the resue is ongoing

    ​ Rescue ongoing at the collapsed building in Tassia estate ​

    12:14 p.m.: Rescue mission ongoing, injured woman pulled out of the collapsed building.

    12:10 p.m: "We want to ask President Uhuru Kenyatta, his Deputy William Ruto and Raila Odinga to shelve all matters BBI and address pressing issues that face the people. We don't have adequate equipment to even carry out rescue missions," a resident stated.

    Rescue ongoing at the collapsed building in Tassia estate

    11:58 a.m.: It has been established that 46 families inhabited the collapsed building and it is not yet clear how many are trapped in the building. 

    11:56 a.m.: County officials on-site have asked residents to stay clear of the area to allow for the extraction process.

    11:00 a.m.: Rescue mission ongoing, residents, area police and the Kenya Red Cross have received equipment and excavators from the Nairobi County government to aid the rescue mission.  

    Residents flock the area to aid in the rescue mission after a building collapsed in Tassia estate on december 6.

    The tragedy follows a series of devastating incidents that have plagued the country in the recent past.

    Starting November 23, West Pokot County was hit by landslides that led to the loss of nearly 50 lives and displacing several others. 

    On the morning of December 6, a bus ferrying 46 passengers was submerged in floodwaters along Kalamba Road in Makueni County adding to the tragedies that have followed the recent heavy rains experienced across various parts of the country.

    In 2016, Tassia was among the several residencies in Nairobi that were flagged for having substandard buildings.

    According to the National Construction Authority (NCA) and the National Housing Corporation, over 70% of buildings had not been approved by the county government thus posing a major threat to residents in the area.