City Hall Bows To Pressure, Reduces Parking Fees

  • Nairobi residents can now rest easy after City Hall lowered parking fees in the city, following an outcry from motorists.

    A report by Daily Nation indicated that the county had reduced parking fees within Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) to Ksh200. 

    The figure had risen to Ksh400 in an attempt to reduce heavy traffic across the city.

    Motorists had been paying the hefty charge since Wednesday, December 4, despite the court squashing the increment. 

    New parking fees were passed by the Nairobi County Assembly on September 25

    According to City Hall Director of Parking Services Tom Tinega, the county had been served with the court order and  decided to adhere on Tuesday, December 10.

    Matatu operators had vowed to strike following the increase which they claimed affected their operations immensely.

    Matatu's city parking had risen from Ksh 3,650 to Ksh 5,000 for 14-seaters, from Ksh 5,250 to Ksh 8,000 for 32-seaters and from Ksh 7,250 to Ksh10,000 for any vehicles with a capacity of over 32 passengers.

    The Finance Act, which was passed by Nairobi County Assembly on September 25, pegged the parking fee at Ksh 400 for CBD and along Kijabe Street, since they were categorized as zone one, hence attracting higher parking fees than the rest of the city.

    According to a notice that was seen by on Monday, December 2, motorists parking at zone two areas comprising Westlands, Ngara, Kilimani, Highridge and Yaya Centre among others, were to pay Ksh 200 per day.

    Those who park in commercial zones that are out of zone one and two were to pay Ksh 100 per day. 

    Traffic Along Mombasa Road. Parking fees in Nairobi CBD have been pegged at Ksh 200 after a court ordered City Hall to revise them downwards.