Senior Govt Position Remains Vacant After All Applicants Fail Interviews

  • A senior government position remained vacant after all the applicants who had been shortlisted for the job failed the interviews.

    The 17 hopefuls were found unsuitable to hold the position of the Auditor General by the Public Service Commission (PSC).

    In a press conference on Wednesday, December 13, PSC chairman Stephen Kirogo announced that the selection panel could not pass any of the applicants and as such none was recommended to the president.

    PSC chairman Stephen Kirogo

    “Having been informed of the panel’s inability to submit three names for the nomination, the government has made a decision to re-advertise the position on December 13,” Kirogo told journalists.

    The chairman of the selection panel Samuel Onyango stated that they reviewed the personalities of the candidates to determine who could uphold the independence of the office, "All the 17 failed the test,” he stated.

    “The office holder should have the diplomacy and tact to handle the relationship among the three arms of the government. We didn’t see this in those shortlisted," he stated.

    Interested applicants have been directed to submit their applications until December 30.

    As per the constitutional guidelines, the selection panel will be constituted 14 days after the application window lapses giving way for the shortlisting of candidates.

    The Auditor General's position fell vacant following the retirement of Edward Ouko after serving his eight-year term.

    “I am leaving office, but I do not know who takes over. I do not know who will sign the reports that are due because I am not allowed to do it. This can demoralise auditors who are undertaking their duties. As we talk, there are some critical reports that are pending and unfortunately are likely to get lost,” he conveyed during his final media engagement on August 28.

    Edward Ouko