Linus Kaikai Critiques Uhuru Over Maraga's Jamhuri No-Show

  • After the December 12, Jamhuri Day celebrations, Citizen TV's News Gang, led by Linus Kaikai, tore into President Uhuru Kenyatta and his administration over the implementation of the constitution, particularly about the independence of the various arms of government.

    The renowned journalist challenged President Kenyatta with regards to Chief Justice David Maraga's no show during the celebrations that were held at Nyayo Stadium.

    In an earlier press conference, Maraga had vowed not to attend any function that belittled his stature.

    "The CJ was allowed to walk to the venue through a sidewalk, the emcee did not acknowledge his arrival. I have decided that unless I am treated with dignity, I will choose which of those state functions I will attend," Maraga had warned.

    Chief Justice David Maraga's seat during the December 12, 2019, Jamhuri Day celebration.

    Kaikai highlighted that the CJ's absence was a strong show of the separation of power between the various arms of government as facilitated by the Constitution of Kenya.

    "This unprecedented, for a CJ to sit out of a presidential function. That tells you how far we have come in terms of the constitution that supports this kind of liberties," Kaikai stated.

    " What CJ Maraga is aware of is the principle of the separation of power. Him sitting this out is a strong statement by the CJ that 'If you interfere with our work, we will not cooperate with you'," he added.

    Kaikai ridiculed Uhuru for the poor coordination between the Executive and the Judiciary. He called out the head of state for failure to allocate an adequate budget to facilitate the proper functioning of the Judiciary, stating that it strained the relationship between the two arms of government.

    "Why hasn’t President Kenyatta named or appointed the 41 judges that the Judiciary is waiting for? This is part of the environment poisoning the relationship between the Executive and Judiciary and there will sadly be no winner," Kaikai argued.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta during the December 12, 2019, Jamhuri Day celebration.

    Weighing on the matter, Joe Ageyo and Francis Gachuri questioned the rift between Maraga and Uhuru. 

    Ageyo opined that the estrangement was unconstitutional and that all stakeholders needed to realise that.

    "We have people with hangovers from how things were done before and people have refused to wake up to the fact that there is a new constitution. There is a constitution without constitutionalism," Ageyo stated.

    "Judiciary's budget is to a great extent determined by the Executive and Parliament. You will see Judiciary harassed by denying it the necessary budget," Gachuri opined.

    "In such a tussle there is always a loser, and that is the ordinary mwananchi seeking justice in the corridors of justice," he added.