Popular Nairobi Church Bans Miniskirts, Rugged Jeans

  • St Peter Claver's Catholic Church in Nairobi has warned its members against wearing attires it considers indecent, including miniskirts during services.

    In a story by Daily Nation on December 12, the church put up a signage at the entrance, indicating that the congregants ought to dress modestly.

    Some of the attire banned include dresses with high slits, rugged jeans, miniskirts, t-shirts inscribed ‘red devil’, crop tops, and caps.

    St Peter Claver's Catholic Church in Nairobi has banned certain attire

    The church also banned sunglasses, chains, clothing that exposes arms and sagging trousers, marking them as a dressing that showed erosion of society morals.

    In a report by Capital FM on August 2019, Pastor James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre got the attention of Kenyans after a video went viral, showing him castigating congregants who wore clothes that were deemed not good for the house of God.

    The clergyman admonished his female congregation, highlighting that certain clothing led men astray as they worshipped in the church.

    In the viral video clip that was shared on social media platforms, the irate televangelist was captured warning the members against dressing in an “ungodly” way. 

    “People have lost respect for the altar of God. This is against the laws that are meant to govern our freedom of worship.

    “Members should give the altar its deserved respect through the clothes they chose to wear while coming for services,” remarked Pastor Ng’ang’a.

    The preacher, known to frequently attract the attention of Kenyans, further observed that Kenyans had become champions of indecent dressing, especially through photos posted on their social media platforms.

    “You look at people’s posts on Facebook and note how they have changed in dressing and conduct. They have become totally indecent,” he criticised.