Popular TV Station Executive Resigns

  • Switch TV, on December 13, confirmed the resignation of the company’s Chief Operations Officer Joanna Gommans, indicating that the media head was in pursuit of personal and professional business interests.

    In a statement sent to Kenyans.co.ke from the company’s communication team, Gommans resignation dates back to November 1, 2019.

    “The Switch TV Board of Directors wishes to inform all stakeholders that the board has accepted the resignation of our Chief Operations Officer (COO), Joanna Gommans with effect from 1st November 2019, to pursue personal and professional business interests,” the communique read.

    A past photo of outgoing Switch TV Chief Operating Officer Joanna Gomanns

    “The board expects to announce the incoming replacement shortly. Joanna has agreed to continue to assist the company in facilitating a smooth transition to the new leadership. In the meantime, Susan Ng’onga, a member of the board is in charge,” the statement continued. 

    Further, the statement praised Gomman for an unwavering quest in ensuring the company was run in the right mode.

    “The board expresses its appreciation to Joanna for her dedicated service to the company, as a founding staff member and one of the key drivers of Switch TV's development.

    “The board wishes Joanna Gommans success in her future endeavours,” further read the announcement.

    The station may also be on the verge of losing some employees if the management decides not to renew their contracts which come to an end on December 31.

    In July 2019, the company laid off over 30 employees in a measure to cut costs.

    TV presenters during the launch of Switch TV on October 2018

    The lay off included reporters, anchors, producers and other support staff who were all hired about nine months ago.

    In the recent past, media companies have been registering struggles in realizing profits, especially after the exit of betting companies which were major advertisers and the slow growth of the economy. 

    The government also pulled out in placing advertisements on major media platforms in an attempt to reduce public spending.