Panic as Borehole of Fire Erupts in Nakuru

  • A 350m deep newly dug borehole surprised Rongai residents when it suddenly burst out producing fiery natural flammable gases during the mid-morning hours of Saturday, December 14, 2019 at Milmet Farm, Solai in Nakuru County.

    As intimated by a report in the Daily Nation, the Patel farm general manager, Vinoj Kumar stated that he noticed the flaming gases in the afternoon. The workers were busy drilling in search of water before the blazing gas suddenly gushed out with a lot of pressure.

    Moreover, a few trees and plants near it had burnt down, there were no casualties or serious damage as the Nakuru fire brigade and Rongai Police arrived at the scene just in time, to keep the situation under control.

    Borehole that burst out emitting flammable natural gases of fire, in Patel Farm, in Nakuru County

    The geologists noted that this was the first incidence of Natural gas emission from a borehole in the area since the Menengai geothermal project started in 2011.

    Rongai Sub-county Police Commander, Richard Rotich, warned the residents who intend to drill boreholes in the area to ensure they consult the relevant government authorities to avoid damages or unnecessary risks.

    "The farm management was drilling a borehole in search of water but what came out was gas in the form of fire. We have cordoned the scene to avert any disaster,'' he stated.

    Julius Kavita, Rongai Deputy Sub-County Commissioner also re-assured residents that everything was under control and the situation is being dealt with, thus they had no reason to be worried.

    “I want to assure the residents that they should not panic as G.D.C geologists and engineers have taken control of the situation and launched investigations,” he conveyed.

    Geologists from the Geothermal Development Company which drills geothermal wells were brought to the scene to collect samples from the borehole for further testing and to assist in sealing the fire emitting hole.

    Goethermal Development Company, Geologists on duty at Menengai