1000 Kenyan Girls Trapped in Sex Slavery in India [VIDEO]

  • A startling documentary dubbed 'Imported for my Body' aired by the BBC on Monday, December 16, exposed a cartel of sex traders who have been using WhatsApp to lure Kenyan girls to India where they are forced into prostitution.

    According to a girl only identified as Grace (who agreed to expose the shocking underworld trade by walking around with a hidden camera), it all started through an innocent chat in one of her many WhatsApp groups.

    Formed by girls looking to keep each other updated on the latest job opportunities, a message was forwarded to the group regarding lucrative job vacancies that were to be filled in India.

    The work would entail acting as a tour guide for foreigners after undergoing a rigorous customer service training program that would be paid for by the employer.

    WhatsApp icon (green) next to several others on a smart device

    This looked like an answer to Grace's prayers and she quickly grabbed the opportunity and was swiftly flown to India.

    However, her woes started the moment she touched down in New Delhi when a lady going by the name 'Goldie' confiscated her documents and forced her into a brothel nicknamed 'the kitchen', where she was forced to sell her flesh or risk being thrown out into the streets with neither money no travel papers to aid her in finding a way back home.

    According to the exposé, Goldie informed Grace that getting her to India had cost Ksh400,000, an amount she would have to work towards paying back.

    A client normally forked out Ksh1,400 for a girl, implying that Grace would need to sleep with at least 286 men, just to break even.

    "I hated it so much that a man has to come and pick you up the way you go to the market and pick potatoes," Grace narrated while balancing tears.

    She went on to reveal that she usually ended up sleeping with at least 9 men on what she termed as a bad day.

    Her decision to expose the dark underworld of sex slavery in India - where at least 1,000 young Kenyan girls are trapped in the trade, helped bring to light a network of brothel owners including Goldie, a lady only identified as Princess and an unidentified Nigerian man who served as the chairman of an organization purportedly for Nigerian students in India.

    BBC confirmed that Grace survived the ordeal and was brought back to Kenya where she is set to sit for her form four examinations in 2019.

    Here's a short clip of Grace's harrowing tale: