Coco Sobo’s Struggles Before Landing Citizen TV Job

  • Citizen TV One Love show host Coco Sobo Moto, opened up on his struggles before landing the Citizen TV job.

    Speaking exclusively to, the One Love presenter revealed that he had struggled before getting a job due to his regrettable stint with drug abuse.

    “Many studios could not take a chance on me, because being an alcoholic, I was too much of a risk. I tried to explain to them that I was already clean, but they just wouldn't hear me out,” he revealed.

    Coco Sobo Moto hosts the Citizen TV One Love show.

    He further narrated that he walked from studio to studio, but his past transgressions made him a risky venture until he landed a job at the Citizen TV studios, having relapsed during one of his gigs at a top radio station.

    He narrated that he decided to try out the last place available to him, which was at the Citizen TV studios.

    “I did an internship at the Citizen TV studios, given that I barely had any experience having dropped out of college, for six months before I finally got a chance to host a show, and I started working there,” he narrated.

    He revealed that he first started with a midnight show before he moved on to an early morning show, then finally landed the mid-morning show and moved on from there.

    Since that time, Coco has gone ahead to host shows in both the Citizen TV studios and the Hot 96 radio stations where he has become a household name, especially among reggae fans.

    He is currently the host of Citizen TV’s One Love show and Hot 96’s mid-morning show.

    He is also working with First Lady Margaret Kenyatta's Pupils Rewards Scheme (PURES), which is a mentorship program aimed at motivating and instilling discipline in pupils.

    First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is the head of the PURES program.
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