Miguna Goes After Uhuru and Raila Over Christmas Donations

  • Self-declared general of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Miguna Miguna on Saturday, December 28 took a shop at President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

     Miguna this time round came after the duo on what he claimed to be a scheme to loot from public coffers in the remainder of President Kenyatta's term.

    He further criticised them over the failure to at least donate to the less fortunate during the Christmas festivities.

    "Kenyans are sick and tired of Uhuru Kenyatta and conmen like Raila Odinga whose focus even during Christmas is not to donate the billions they have looted to the suffering citizens they have pauperized but to keep scheming how they can steal more," Miguna shared on twitter.

    Raila Odinga swears himself in flanked by Miguna Miguna TJ Kajwang' and James Orengo

    Miguna who was deported to Canada over his involvement in the swearing-in of Odinga as the people's president in January 2018 further called Kenyans to organise a revolution against what he termed as repression, extra-judicial killings, human rights abuses, abuse of power, subversion of the constitution, plunder and thuggery.

    I addition he likened the DP to the late Josiah Mwangi (JM) Kariuki by claiming that despite having allegedly looted from the public the DP was sharing back his loot.

    "Raila Odinga is angry at William Ruto not because the latter is a thief but for 'hosting thousands of Kenyans at his homes and slaughtering chicken and goats for them.' That's the "crime" JM Kariuki had committed. In Kenya, thieves are supposed to hoard their loot abroad," the general added.

    Miguna in his rant further criticised Odinga for being in bed with Kenyatta whom he claimed was behind the death of former IEBC commissioner Chris Musando.

    He went on to claim that Musando and other Kenyans lost their lives before and after the 2017 general elections must be feeling betrayed from beyond the grave by'the so-called handshake and BBI nonsense'.

    "Raila claims that he is "tightening things in Jubilee party yet at the same time wails about graft in Jubilee, which he "coordinates" with Uhuru Kenyatta and Anne Waiguru. Was that the fake unity and reconciliation BBI nonsense was supposedly for?" he concluded.

    Deputy President William Ruto, Miguna claimed that Raila was angry at Ruto for failing to hide his loot.