Babu Owino Jumps to The Aid of Suicidal Girl

  • Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has offered to pay school fees for a 13-year-old girl from Nyalenda slum, Kisumu City who threatened to commit suicide after she reportedly learned that her parents were unable to raise her school fees.

    Via a social media post, Babu pledged to pay her school fees, stating that he felt obligated to lend a helping hand.

    "I will pay school fees for this learner to ensure she achieves her dreams. A child belongs to the community and I would like to give the opportunity to others the same way I wad given through fundraising and through selling Chang'aa. Vanity is vanity," the legislator stated.

    A photo of substandard houses in Kisumu's Nyalenda slum.

    The girl garnered 391 marks at Xarevian Primary School in Kisumu Central and was drafted to join Asumbi Girls High School in early January 2020.

    According to the Citizen Digital, the girl was aware of her humble family background, and upon establishing that her parents were unable to afford Ksh 53,544 school fees for her form one education, she wrote the suicide note.

    "I know it is the only way to solve this problem, but it is the best option for me to take," the report quoted her note.

    Her mother, since identified as Lucy Emily Ombok, revealed to journalists that her daughter showed signs of emotional distress since the release of the national examinations on November 18.

    The publication stated that the family of the young girl has called upon support from well-wishers in a bid to facilitate her education, also informing her former teachers to counsel her.