Top KCPE Student Stuns Parents With Emotional Suicide Note

  • In Kisumu City's Nyalenda slum, a family is on the lookout after their thirteen-year-old daughter who performed well in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations allegedly penned a suicide note to her parents as reported by  Citizen Digital on  December 27.

    The girl garnered 391 marks at Xarevian Primary School in Kisumu Central and was drafted to join Asumbi Girls High School in early January 2020.

    According to the publication, the girl was aware of her humble family background, and upon establishing that her parents were unable to afford Ksh 53,544 school fees for her form one education, she wrote the suicide note.

    Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha announced KCPE results on November 18, 2019.

    "I know it is the only way to solve this problem, but it is the best option for me to take," the report quoted her note.

    Her mother, since identified as Lucy Emily Ombok, revealed to journalists that her daughter showed signs of emotional distress since the release of the national examinations on November 18.

    The report stated that the family of the young girl has called upon support from well-wishers in a bid to facilitate her education, also informing her former teachers to counsel her.

    Her opting for suicide further highlighted the challenges in the country that have pushed young people aged between 12 and 35 years towards suicide based on a report by the World Health Organisation(WHO) in 2015.

    On September 29, an eleven-year-old girl from neighbouring Siaya County committed suicide after she penned a heartfelt note to her mother as reported by KTN News.

    In her letter, the young girl cited the fear of being punished as the main reason for her decision to take her own life.

    A photo of substandard houses in Kisumu's Nyalenda slum.

    In another incident, a 14-year-old standard six pupil from Kabiangek Primary School in Konoin Sub-County, Bomet County, also committed suicide on September 6 after she was publicly shamed by her teacher over menses as reported by Daily Nation.

    The incidents highlight the depth of the reason for the young girls committing suicide, thus calling for the need for awareness and proper handling of youth showing signs of emotional distress.