Ngugi wa Thiong'o to Be Immortalised in Spain

  • Renowned Kenyan writer and activist Ngugi wa Thiong'o on December 20, 2019, was pronounced the 31st Catalonia International Prize winner by the Catalan government, Spain.

    Thiong'o was recognised for his achievements in his literary works and his defence of African traditions, culture, and languages, as reported by the Catalan News.

    The Catalonia International Prize has been awarded annually since its inception in 1989 to individuals who contributed to the development of cultural, scientific, and human values around the world through creativity.

    Ngugi wa Thiong'o when he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters degree by Yale University on May 22, 2017.

    "Ngugi wa Thiong'o is one of the most prolific and renowned African writers," the author was lauded. 

    "In all the genres he cultivates; novels, essays, memoirs, and theatre. He combines the most profound African traditions with a sensitive yet merciless description of the social and political situation in his native Kenya," the report added.

    The thirty-first edition of the awards was notable of 74 candidates from 35 different countries and Thiong'o emerged victorious.

    The award will be officially presented to the renowned African novelist in the first quarter of 2020
    at a ceremony that will be chaired by President of Catalonia, Quim Torra.

    Catalonia is a wealthy semi-autonomous region in Northeastern Spain with its own parliament, language, flag and anthem. 

    In early 2019, Ngugi was awarded The Erich-Maria-Remarque Peace Prize. The honour is bestowed by the city of Osnabruck in Germany.

    Stock photo of Ngugi wa Thiong'o.