Governor Obado's Bodyguards Caught Up In Gun Drama [VIDEO]

  • Migori Governor Okoth Obado's bodyguards on Friday, January 3, found themselves at the centre of gun drama during a burial ceremony in Nyatike constituency.

    According to a report by The Standard, the governor who was in the company of other MPs were attending a burial of a high school principal named Joseph Ayoyo when a section of youth carrying crude weapons stormed the ceremony and attacked a section of mourners.

    It is alleged that when Nyatika MP Tom Odege was at the podium addressing the mourners that the group of youth stormed in and began heckling and harassing mourners.

    Nyatike MP Tom Odege (left) grabs a microphone from Elisha Odhiambo at a burial in Nyatike on Friday.

    The leaders' bodyguards were reported to have cocked their guns in attempts to shield the VIPs from the imminent attack by the mob.

    It was in the quagmire of those present fleeing for their lives, the stampede ensued.

    ''I want to ask our people to deal with leaders who thrive in hiring goons to disrupt public functions as a way of getting noticed. Such people should never be elected to any positions,'' Obado stated.

    He also expressed his disappointment in the youth who were being used to disrupt the event despite the visitors from the neighbouring country being present.

    ''Hii ni tabia mbaya, it is very shameful, because now have visitors all the way from Uganda. What is it we are now showing them?' the embarrassed Governor posed.

    The leaders present included county secretary Christopher Rusana, former Migori MP John Pesa and county assembly speaker Boaz Okoth.

    Here is the video of the commotion...

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