Royal Media Journalist Wounded in Chaotic Protest

Journalists from Inooro TV found themselves in trouble on Tuesday, January 7 when they went to cover the demolition of houses at Gwa Thamaki area in Sagana along the Nyeri - Nairobi Highway.

The scribes tried to cover the developments when the residents, who were fighting off police officers, started throwing stones, catching the journalists in the crossfire.

One of the launched projectiles landed on a reporter's forehead which left him with a gushing wound and blood flowing down his face as he scampered for safety.

The residents resorted to blocking the Nyeri - Nairobi Highway with rocks as they tried to repel officers who were overseeing the demolition exercise.

Residents engaged the police in running battles claiming that they were not given an eviction notice.

Many of the protestors were brought up in the area and forced the officers to pack and leave having being overwhelmed. 

The journalists who were injured in the fracas were rushed to White Rose Medical Centre where they were treated and discharged.

In a related incident, on January 3, 2020, a journalist from The Star was clobbered by hotel bouncers in Turkana County.

The correspondent, Hesborn Etyang, was allegedly manhandled at an establishment identified as Stegra Hotel after he took photos of a child who seemed to be drowning at the hotel's pool.

When the hotel's management learned of his act, he alleged that they accosted him, demanding that he deletes the photos.

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