Suspect Attacks Police Officer in Court

  • An alleged city beggar on Wednesday, January 8, turned on police officers at Milimani Law Courts where he had been arraigned after being found in possession of a knife along Kimathi Street in Nairobi. 

    According to a report by K24 Digital, the man identified as Daniel Mwangi, turned on the police officer who was escorting him back to his cell, thrusting his own head to hit the police officer. According to media reports, it took five enforcers to contain the suspect.

    He complained that he did not have the money required for his cash bail of Ksh 30, 000 as ordered by Chief Magistrate Nzibe Muthoni. 

    Daniel Mwangi attacked police officers in court on Wednesday, January 8, 2020

    ''Siendi mahali mimi, hiyo wizi sitaki, afadhali mnuie, mimi sio mwizi, sijafanya makosa yote, hiyo yote ni uwongo, afadhali nikufe mimi sina pesa'',(I am not going anywhere, I dont condone theft, you would rather kill me, I am not a thief, I have made no mistake, it is all lies, I would rather die, I have no money!) Mwangi pleaded with the courts.

    Mwangi pleaded with the jurist not to jail him since he claimed to be unwell and had children at home dependent on him.

    Upon realizing that his plight fell on deaf ears after the ruling was made, Mwangi let his temper get the best of him.

    In the video that was shared on social media, the man was seen violently resisting to be handcuffed and taken back to the cells.

    Five other officers jumped to their colleague's defence and dragged Mwangi out of the courtroom. He continued to call for help, emphasising that he was unwell.

    ''Achaneni na mimi, mimi ni mgonjwa, mnataka kuniua! (Leave me alone, I am sick and you want to kill me)'' he yelled while struggling to free himself from the six officers' tight grip. He was eventually subdued and detained.

    After the fracas, Chief Magistrate Muthoni slapped Mwangi with a Ksh50,000 shilling bond for the case that will be mentioned again on January 22, 2020.

    Here is the video.

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