Meet The First Anchor to Broadcast Live News on KTN

Kenya Television Network (KTN) launched in 1990 to become the first privately owned media house in Kenya, changing the topography of communication in the country by also becoming the first to broadcast 24 hours a day.

Among the anchors who were tasked with taking the media industry to the next level was Catherine Kasavuli.

In a discussion with Lilian Muli, who had followed her to Royal Media Services, during her 50th birthday celebration in 2012, Kasavuli narrated that she had moved from government-owned Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) where she had joined in 1980.

Kasavuli reads news at KTN in 1991

During her time at KTN, she oversaw one of the biggest media milestones in the country.

Kasavuli became the first anchor to ever present a live news bulletin in the newly launched KTN TV, changing the game forever as others before that were pre-recorded.

"We actually sat on crates and carton boxes and typed in typewriters. We had just started but there was a racket on the twenty-first floor and we were on the twentieth floor of Nyayo House.

"We were not aware that the light in the studio had become loose so when the guys above started banging up there the light fell on my head," Kasavuli narrated.

She went on to reveal that she momentarily forgot about the live broadcast and stood in a reflex with her eyes stuck on the lights, also forgetting that the camera was still focused on her.

Despite the ups and downs on the industry, Kasavuli stated that she stuck it through because broadcasting was her passion and thus was ready to sacrifice a lot for it.

The seasoned anchor was also used by the station to scout for talent that she brought on board as the station grew.

Kasavuli would leave KTN for Royal Media Services where she doubled up as a news anchor and the group's corporate affairs manager before exiting. 

During her time at RMS, she had founded her own company, Kasavuli Media Group, where she is currently the CEO.