Kabogo Blasts Mt Kenya Leaders in Angry Rant

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo went on a rant on Thursday, January 9, during the live morning show at Kameme TV with Njogu wa Njoroge as he criticised Mt Kenya leaders over the constant bickering.

Kabogo who served as Juja MP before the new constitution which brought county governments stated that the leaders were busy politicking while the leaders from the rest of the country were busy building a future for their communities.

He noted one of the major complains by the leaders was that their agricultural produce was fetching meagre payment in the markets forgetting that the Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri hailed from the region.

"We should stop the hullabaloo and focus, I hear people complaining about tea, coffee and even milk forgetting that the agriculture CS is from their region and they should confront him instead of blaming the president," Kabogo stated.

Kabogo further stated that the presidency does not include president Uhuru Kenyatta alone but also his deputy William Ruto and they were voted in as a package.

"During the campaigns, they sought for votes and even rode the same vehicle what changed that during the assessment of development we say these roads being built were done so by one and blame the other for those not being constructed," the flamboyant politician added.

He noted that the leaders were filled with bitterness and kept insulting each other online instead of unifying the community to use its number to its advantage.

Kabogo noted that the Mt Kenya region was the only part of the country that was left in a campaign mood after the disputed  2017 general elections with its leaders traversing the entire country and forgetting the common man on the ground.

"There is nothing they are doing but talk about 2022, I wonder when we got there. We just concluded an election the other day. Do we have to keep talking about the election? Will it ever put food on our tables?" Kabogo wondered.

He went on to warn the Mount Kenya residents to beware as they were being used as horses of war and it was not a thing to be taken lightly as many would think.

Kabogo claimed that their forces working tirelessly to ensure the region remained divided so as not to amass its strength.