Truth Behind Reports of KBC MD Cancelling BBI Discussion on TV & Radio

  • Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) Managing Director Naim Bilal has spoken out after reports emerged that he had banned debate on Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) on the media house's TV and Radio stations.

    Reports had emerged that he made the directive signifying the government's aim of abandoning the initiative.

    Speaking to, Bilal noted that he had seen the reports on social media explaining that he was taken out of context.

    He further explained that he had not ordered for the ban but was pursuing ways to best package news for the two platforms.

    KBC MD Naim Bilal (pictured) explained that he was taken out of context and the institution was exploiting better ways to package news.

    "Some things can be taken out of context. There is nothing like that ordered at KBC. All I wanted was for Editors to come together and chat the way for content. I did not ban BBI on our programmes, We are still covering the reports."

    He went on to add that the practice was common across newsrooms as a way to strategise on the best way to present content and coordinate editorial approach in presenting the news.

    The station's editor-in-chief Samuel Maina told that he had not received such an order and even confirmed that some of the station's reporters had been sent on an assignment in Kisii to cover a BBI event.

    "You can't believe everything you see on the internet. I have not received such an order and in fact, I have some reporters on assignment in Kisii covering the event," stated Maina.

    The controversial report had claimed that the MD ordered Minto FM Presenter Evans Makori to cancel a show where he had invited Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi to discuss the topic.

    The article went ahead to claim that the MD later sent a similar message across the board ordering all Radio and TV presenters to cease discussing the matter.

    KBC Editor-in-chief Samuel Maina (pictured) confirmed that some reporters from the station had gone to Kisii to cover a BBI event.