Senator Omanga's Latest Statement Elicits Mixed Reaction

  • Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga on Saturday, January 11 sparked debate after she shared what most netizens considered a 'misplaced' post on Facebook.

    Omanga had tried to criticise the public for blindly applauding politicians while they were being robbed blind by the same politicians.

    She referred to the new turnover tax that the small scale business people would be required to pay to the KRA as from January 2020.

    Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga

    According to the new tax businesses whose income did not exceed KSh 5 million were required to pay 3 per cent on gross sales, following the passing of the Finance Act in 2019.

    "Now mama mbogas, baba kibandas (Local Traders) will start paying 3 per cent turnover tax to KRA on top of the Kanjo fees (County Government fees). Money is needed to pay the Chinese loans, fund BBI conferences, and referendum to add us more seats... Na masafara munapiga Makofi (and you are busy clapping). Wajiinga Nyinyi (You fools)," The senator shared on Facebook.

    Kenyans were very quick to inform the senator that she was among the politicians as she had been nominated by the ruling party and had wholeheartedly campaigned for the current government during the 2017 General Election.

    "Last time I checked madam you're the nominated senator in the jubilee government, where if I'm not wrong you passed the tax into law! Why rant here in social media," Evans Ondieki responded.

    Most other Kenyans felt that the senator was using the wrong forum to air her views on the economy as they asked her to table a bill in the senate that would save the common man from the suffering.

    "I have told you to rule through policies and parliament legislations.but not on the streets. Madam, you have an opportunity to push for good governance but you can't lead the other rats to tie the bell on the neck of the only have very few days remaining to do that,"

    Other came to the defence of the senator while explaining why Kenyans did not hhave a reason to complain.

    "Paying tax is everybody's responsibility as a Kenyan. How will you grow the economy if you don't want to pay taxes?" Collins Mutethia questioned.

    The senator could not take this lying down as she fought back to justify her statement, she claimed that despite being in government she was among the few who had opposed the request by the treasury to raise the debt ceiling but the opposition which was supposed to have joined her in this moved to defend the government.

    Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga at the market buying sugar cane