KTN Presenter Who Abandoned Medicine to Host TV Show

  • KTN's Carolyn Chero Oywa has grown into a household name over the years - especially among the younger generation.

    She is the predominant face of the popular Str8-Up show that airs every Saturday.

    At first glance, her bubbly nature coupled with her infectious energy paints her as a person who was cut out for the media world from day one, but this simply wasn't the case.

    During an interview with The Standard, Chero revealed that she had actually studied medicine at Montgomery College in Maryland, USA, where she went on to major in pediatrics.

    Dj Kaytrixx alongside Chero on-set for their Str8-up show.

    She went on to confess that her parents really pushed her to complete her degree and fully indulge in the medical practice.

    However, that all changed when she came back to Kenya, opting to pursue her passion in the arts field.

    “Soon after coming to Nairobi, I used to turn up so hard until it got boring. This one time I decided to go to Mavuno Church for a service and that was when my love for the arts and screens started," she revealed during the interview.

    As fate would have it, her fairy tale wedding to David Oywa featured on Samantha Bridal. Her character stood out and the bridal show team approached her for a position as a host for a show that was set to premiere on KTN.

    She went on to host the E-Curve show alongside Mike Makori before moving on to the Str8-Up show where she came into her own and hasn't looked back since.

    The mother of one doubles as a presenter as well as producer of the popular show.

    KTN's Chero shows off her dance moves during an episode of her Str8-up show.