Popular Kikuyu Musician Cut Short by Crowd Over Uhuru Song

  • Popular Mt Kenya musician, Ngaruiya Junior was forced to change the contents in a song performed at a club in Umoja, Nairobi after the crowd cut him short when he tried to use the chorus to praise President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    In a video seen by Kenyans.co.ke, the popular musician was performing to a rather excited crowd when hell broke loose after performing a song that bore the message “Uhuru is blessed and cannot be cursed.”

    The crowd immediately turned against him with their hands in the air indicating that they did not agree with what he was singing.

    Popular Kikuyu musician Ngaruiya Junior during a past performance

    The musician would not heed to their call but rather went ahead to repeat the chorus, which fell on deaf ears as the crowd continuously waved to him in protest of the performance.

    As the opposition grew, someone came up from behind the stage and to him, ostensibly in relation to the performance and the crowd’s reaction.

    After the brief chat, Ngaruiya replaced Uhuru’s name with Ruto in the chorus now to read “Ruto is blessed and cannot be cursed,” a move that immediately changed the mood of revellers who sang along cheerfully.

    The singing continued as the musician, known for his prowess in live Kikuyu gospel music performances, used Ruto’s name as a charm offensive.

    According to a source at the event, Ngaruiya went forward with the performance without any further interruptions but steered clear of songs that carried political messages.

    “There were no more incidents of an adamant crowd. Ngaruiya continued with his performance but only took up songs that appeared neutral in nature,” remarked the source.

    In the recent past, a section of leaders and members of the community in the Mt Kenya region have been staging a slowly growing resistance for the president, ostensibly showing support for Deputy President William Ruto.

    More evidently has been the emergence of the tanga tanga political wing aligned to the deputy president.

    On January 2, Kandara MP Alice Wahome, who is an ardent follower of the DP, launched a scathing attack aimed at President Kenyatta, accusing him of a plot to cling onto power.

    Popular musician Ngaruiya Junior and Nyeri county deputy governor Caroline Karugu

    Wahome described the president as the “biggest existential threat” to Kenya’s political, economic and social development.

    Wahome later refused calls by various leaders to apologise, indicating that she had no reason to withdraw for what she stood for.