Lucky Chance That Kickstarted Prof Hamo's Career on Churchill Show

  • Herman Kago, popularly known to many as Professor Hamo, needs little introduction, having etched a name for himself in the Kenyan comedy industry. 

    The self-proclaimed professor, however, did not make a career easily. He started with small steps and through patience, he has managed to come to the top of his game. 

    As narrated by Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki during a 2016 interview on Woman Without Limits, he stated that the professor had undergone six auditions before he finally qualified for the show.

    Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki (Pictured). During an interview with Reverend Kathy Kiuna on August 22, 2016, he opened up on how Prof Hamo got a job on Churchill show.

    "Prof Hamo used to sell mandazi's in Nakuru and he came for auditions six times at The Carnivore and failed. His parents became tired of giving him money to come to Nairobi and nothing was coming out of it.

    "So we took the show to Nakuru and the team that listens to aspiring comedians was surprised to learn he would travel all the way from Nakuru when he auditioned at Carnivore in Nairobi," he narrated.

    Out of mercy and pity for him, Churchill's team decided to give Hamo a chance at the live stage.

    "They told him that there were many talented people in Nakuru who were already in the program but due to his persistence, they asked him to perform on the show as the very first person," Churchill continued.

    In addition, the veteran comedian stated that Hamo was not even introduced but was asked to begin his act.

    "He took the microphone and went to the podium but when he got there, he had nothing to say and only said what came to mind.

    "People loved him and cheered him on. When he came to Nairobi, he did Churchill Raw I told him, 'from today, you are not Hamo but Professor Hamo'," he concluded.

    Below is a video courtesy of Youtube;