Babu Owino CCTV Clip Edited - Ombeta Deconstructs Shooting Video

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino's lawyer has addressed a clip that went viral on the interwebs, showing what transpired before and after the shooting incident, in which DJ Evolve took a bullet to his neck on Friday, January 18, 2020. 

Speaking to the press on Saturday, January 18, from Gigiri Police Station where the MP was moved to, Cliff Ombeta criticised that the CCTV footage may have been edited. 

He explained that the 18-second video should not be used to reach a conclusion about the MP's conduct at the club. 

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta told the press that CCTV footage of a shooting incident involving Embakasi East MP Babu Owino could not be used to conclude the legislator's conduct at the club

"The clip also allegedly shows what transpired in the club, you can see it's just a few seconds. Babu had been in that club for much longer. Babu had been in the club for a better part of the night. 

"We need the DCIO and any other investigating team that's proceeding with this matter to take the clip in its entirety so that we do not only pick an issue that we can see and forget part of it that could have been building up to that particular moment. An edited clip should not be a conclusion to this particular case," Ombeta told journalists. 

He clarified that Babu did not maliciously drag the victim outside the club as was claimed by netizens.  

"People need to understand that carrying and dragging him (DJ Evolve) on the floor was as a result that nobody else was coming forward to help him (Babu Owino). What could he do? He had to take the patient to the hospital, he had to save a life. 

"Let people not look at that clip and just see the negative aspect. That actually was positive," the lawyer spoke.

He added that the legislator's move to pay DJ Evolve's Ksh 600,000 hospital bill showed remorse and his human side. 

"We can always forget about these issues that come, about him insulting the president, Passaris, insulting anybody and what he says. That is politics. 

"On this particular case, he has paid the hospital bill and will continue to pay whatever shall come about, until the patient recovers, so at least we can see the human part of it," he explained. 

Babu will spend the weekend behind bars pending arraignment on Monday 20.