Miguna Gives In to Govt Frustrations

  • Vocal lawyer Miguna Miguna on Tuesday, January 21, gave an update regarding his attempt to return to the country. 

    On his social media, the barrister announced that he would be flying back to Canada after failed efforts to board a plane to Kenya. 

    Miguna stated that he had waited long enough for President Uhuru Kenyatta to allow him back to the country.

    Miguna Miguna's father in law Mzee Benson Omolo Awange who passed away on Thursday, January 2.

    "I arrived in Berlin, Germany, on January 5, 2020. On January 6, 2020, I was blocked from boarding at Lufthansa and later at Air France to Kenya because Uhuru Kenyatta had issued illegal 'red alerts' and threatened to withdraw landing rights to all airlines that flew me to Nairobi," Miguna claimed. 

    "Having waited for Uhuru Kenyatta and his appointees at the Ministry of Interior to obey court orders and revoke their illegal 'red alerts' to no avail, I've no option but to return to exile in Canada. I'll not surrender. The struggle continues," he added. 

    Miguna stated that he had intended to attend his father-in-law's burial which was to take place on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

    In a press statement by Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna on January 8, 2020, he stated that Miguna was categorized as an unruly passenger on March 18, 2018, in line with Annex 17 of the International Civil Authority Organisation standards.

    "The matter of the travel to Kenya of Dr Miguna Miguna has drawn a lot of interest in the media and the general public. The picture being painted is that the government is frustrating him.

    "His behaviour on March 18 was seen to have the potential of threatening category A1 status of JKIA which took the country a lot of effort and work to achieve," part of the statement read.

    The government spokesperson explained that the exiled lawyer could only board a flight to Kenya by presenting his identification and travel documents which could be issued at Kenyan missions abroad. 

    "Dr Miguna is free to present himself to any Kenyan mission to obtain his passport. It is, however, puzzling that Dr Miguna has not made an effort to obtain his passport from any of the missions," he stated.

    During a JKLive show on Wednesday, January 8, Miguna responded to Oguna via Facetime from Germany and stated that he was suspicious of the state.

    He feared that they were out for his life and that they were baiting him to go to a Kenyan embassy where they would capture him.

    He went as far as to liken his woes to those of the murdered Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, who was abducted and killed during a visit to a Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey. 

    Miguna Miguna pictured on his way to JKIA in November 2017