NTV Presenter Who Married Her Boss

  • NTV Presenter Amina Abdi Rabar is one of the biggest names in the media industry. She is a presenter on both TV and radio, a voice-over artist and a musician.

    Earlier in her life, however, Amina did not start out with a plan for working in a media house. She had a passion for law or international relations.

    After completing her secondary school education at the Kenya High School, she heard that Homeboyz Radio was starting a radio school and she decided to enroll.

    NTV presenter Amina Abdi who hosts the Trend on the station.

    Homeboyz Entertainment, the compamy that owns the radio station, had promised that the best student would get the job and Amina worked extremely hard, something that saw her top her class and later bag the opportunity. 

    At the radio station, the bubbly presenter met DJ John Rabar, then Homeboyz Radio CEO. John co-owns the station alongside his two brothers Mike and John.

    In an interview with the True Love magazine, Amina stated that Rabar, who was her boss at the time, was very strict and not much of a talker.

    "I knew there was something special about him. Our relationship and work were two different things. At no point did the two clash," she previously stated in an interview with The Standard.

    Though the couple does not share much about their personal lives, the DJ once surprised Amina during a live show on K24, where he called in and expressed his feelings towards her.

    “I just wanted you to know that you will always be my number one and that I appreciate you very much. Okay, let me get back to work now," the DJ told his wife.

    Though a number of people believe that working in the same environment as your spouse or partner is a tricky affair, a number of Kenyan celebrities have shown that it is not impractical for couples to work in the same office.

    In July 2018, Citizen TV news anchor Lulu Hassan and her husband Rashid Abdalla made history when they were unveiled as the anchors that would take up the weekend Swahili bulletin.

    The announcement took many by surprise with this being a first in the Kenyan media space. 

    In an interview by Ayo TV in Tanzania, Lulu stated; "The major challenge is that when we get to read the news together, our every move or change in facial expression is placed under a million microscopes. Everyone is so keen on knowing whether Rashid and I are in good terms or if we fought just before the news. But there are times when we have to read sad news back to back on live TV, and we can't manage to maintain a smile, leading many to assume that we are on bad terms."

    Other media couples who have either worked together or are working together in the same workplace include; Waihiga Mwaura and Joyce Omondi, Sam Gituku and Ivy Waitherero, Tom Japanni and Massawe Japanni, Nancy Onyancha and Joab Mwaura among others.

    HR experts opine that spouses can work together if they have set boundaries, are discrete and follow set workplace policies.

    NTV Presenter Amina Abdi and her husband DJ John Rabar. The two met when Amina was working at Homeboys radio.