Viral Nairobi Woman Dares Uhuru to Resign in Hard-Hitting Video

Lucia Ayiela, a young Nairobi woman on Thursday, January 23, recited a hard-hitting poem directed to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In the poem posted on her Facebook page and making rounds on social media, Ayiela listed a couple of things she felt the president had failed to address during his tenure.

In addition, she asked the president to resign for failing to perform adequately in his duties.

President Uhuru Kenyatta delivering a speech in London, UK on January 21, 2020.

"For preaching water and drinking wine, shame on you. For talking about the BBI being a unifying factor yet actively dividing Kenyans, shame on you, for allowing your deputy to be publicly humiliated, shame on you," she began.

"For barring Miguna Miguna from coming back home, shame on you. For the inability to unite a handful of Kenyans that call themselves politicians in the Jubilee Party, shame on you," she lamented.

Ayiela accused the president of crippling the Judiciary, despite stating that he was at the frontline in the fight against corruption.

"You defy your subjects as if you are above the law but expect your subjects to follow laws that you defy? Mr President, we follow your example. We do as you do but not as you say.

"This explains why this government is defying your orders and directives and they feel no shame about it. Your inability to create synergy within the three arms of government portrays you as a symbol of division, rather than a symbol of unity," Ayiela added.

"The honourable thing for you to do sir, is to resign but you won't do that and for that, shame on you," she concluded.

This is not the first time Ayiela is expressing her frustration against the president.

“Sir, do you even live in this country? Are you even aware of what is going on in your government? Ayiela questioned in a previous video that went viral in December 2019.

Below is the video;

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