Njugush: Embarrassment I suffered With Ex-Girlfriend

  • Renowned comedian Timothy Ndegwa Kimani, popularly known as Njugush, rose to the limelight due to his hilarious character.

    The comedian, whose personality has come to be loved and admired by many, recounted that his ex-girlfriend broke up with him because he did not have money.

    "My ex-girlfriend and I broke up because I did not have money and I did not blame her, but it really hurt me.

    "Sometimes people speak things which they do not really mean.  Imagine, someone telling you that you will not amount to anything," he stated during an interview on NTV's The Wicked Edition.

    Timothy Ndegwa Kimani (Njungush) and his wife Celestine Ndunda during The Wicked Edition show on Friday, January 24.

    In addition, Njugush, who stated that the encounter led him to his wife, Celestine Ndinda, praised her for standing by him even before he rose to fame.

    "Our college was in South B and the life around there was very expensive. By fifth every month, I did not have money and Ndinda, at the time, would work so hard in selling items.

    "She would sell clothes to students and she used to sort me out when I run out of money," Njugush continued.

    The comedian also revealed they only have one bank account where they deposit all their money.

    "When I started making a few coins, she's the one who was operating my ATM account because she was always the one who had money," he explained.

    In November 28, 2019, Njugush, who is a trained journalist, narrated to Kenyans.co.ke that he quit a government job after only two weeks, to pursue his passion.

    Njugush only took up acting because he had been unable to find a job along the lines of what he trained for.

    "I was attached at KBC at one point in my journalism career and I quit after two weeks because I did not want to lose my slot in a drama play, because the team was going to Mombasa.

    "I never considered acting as a career, to me it was just something I did in place of journalism," he admitted.

    Timothy Ndegwa Kimani alias Njugush at Kenyans.co.ke offices on Wednesday, November 20 PHOTO | SIMON KIRAGU | KENYANS.CO.KE