Raila Reveals His Networth in High-Stakes NTV Interview [VIDEO]

  • Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, on the night of Sunday, January 26, finally came clean about his net worth.

    Speaking during a high stakes NTV interview with Joseph Warungu, the former prime minister pegged his net worth at Ksh2 billion with a precaution that he is not rich.

    He also pointed out that he amassed all his wealth genuinely explaining that he owns a bunch of properties and some company shares.

    "I think (I own) about Ksh2 billion. That is not very rich. That is just in terms of properties. I'm not saying in terms of cash, it is in terms of shares and properties," stated Raila during the interview.

    He went on to prove that his Karen home was worth Ksh300 million, added to a bunch of other properties, the figure would round up to sh2 billion.

    With the revelation, Warungu prodded Raila with claims that a section of Nyanza residents felt that it was only the family of the former prime minister that benefits as they largely remain poor.

    "Odinga family has not gotten anything (from the public coffers). What I have told you is what we are worth collectively. 

    "Odinga family does not penetrate anything. All Odinga family descendants are working and living off their own salaries. I am sitting here now and I have no salary we can talk about. My brother Oburu is just in Arusha. He could not be in Arusha if he had any other property elsewhere," disclosed the former premier.

    "All my sisters are working wherever they are. One is a lecturer at the University of Nairobi. They were appointed professionally," he continued.

    He further stated that his father died a poor man despite having spent years in government. Raila himself revealed that he started off from scratch with a business in Industrial Area, Nairobi, that employs Kenyans today.