EXCLUSIVE: Citizen TV Presenter Who Danced in Clubs as a Minor

  • Citizen TV's Bambika show presenter and official hypeman, Timeless Noel, is a gifted dancer, show host and an entertainer whose journey to the peak, proves that perseverance is the secret to all triumphs.

    Speaking exclusively to Kenyans.co.ke, the ever-energetic Noel opened up on why he actually decided to take up dance, a craft that has so far earned him accolades and opened doors beyond his wildest dreams.

    "It all started back when I was in class two. There was this house party that turned out to be the worst but yet also the most important day of my life.

    "Everyone was taking their turn in the centre circle to show off their dancing skills and when it was finally my turn, I had one of those 'moments to forget'. It was so bad that my friends laughed me off the stage," he narrated.

    Bambika Show hosts from left; Dj Gee Gee, Timeless Noel, Laura Karwirwa and Holy Dave on set.

    However, the young Noel made a vow on that day to do everything in his power to become the best dancer ever, to avoid the humiliation he felt on that fateful day.

    "It's amazing how one of your worst experiences in life can push you towards your destiny," the award-winning hypeman stated.

    Despite still being a primary school kid, Noel's ambition to test himself against the very best in the dance scene led him to the famous Nairobi 'jam sessions' where his talent placed him ahead of peers who were well ahead of him in terms of age.

    He then attended Chulaimbo Secondary School in Kisumu, where he kept on working on coming up with new dance moves.

    By the time he joined the University of Nairobi to pursue his Bachelor of Commerce degree, he was already a master at his craft.

    "By this time, I was working with industry greats such as Wyre -going on to appear in Kode Dance as well as his hit collabo with Jamaican songstress Cecile - [She Said Dat Remix].

    Timeless Noel on set during the Bambika show on Citizen TV.

    "However, the most important year in my life has to be 2012, as this was the year when I gave my life to Christ and everything changed."

    His talent made him a front-runner as part of the crew in the Kubamba Show which used to air on NTV.

    The original K-Krew comprised of Dj Moz, Dj Soxxy, Dj Johni Celeb and Njugush.

    During his tenure there he got to visit over 2000 secondary schools to spread the gospel as well as provide a platform for dancers to showcase their talents.

    However, a major restructuring process at Nation Media Group meant that he had to leave, but once again, what would ordinarily appear to be a bad thing ended up as his gateway to bigger and better things.

    In 2017, he joined Citizen TV's Bambika Gospel Show as the official hypeman, going on to secure back-to-back Groove awards for Hypeman of the Year.

    The gifted dancer currently works alongside Holy Dave, Dj Gee Gee and Laura Karwirwa on the Sunday morning gospel show

    He is also the first Kenyan dancer to gain over 100k subscribers on YouTube, with his tally currently at 130,000.

    His famous Odi dance garnered over a million views on YouTube complete with countless Odi challenges that went viral across all social media platforms.

    "I am currently planning on using my platform to try and connect really gifted dancers to dance lovers out there, hoping to kickstart their careers," he disclosed.

    Citizen TV's Timeless Noel and Jeff Koinange strike a pose.