Walk Through Kenyan Blogger's Ksh100 Million Wardrobe

  • Luxury lives in the finer details. It’s a cloth napkin at a dinner table. It’s a mint on your pillow before bed.

    Kenya YouTuber and luxury blogger, Sonal Maherali's lifestyle redefines the entire concept behind the term 'luxury'.

    She is married to Aly Maherali -the CEO of Executive Healthcare Solutions (a medical insurance firm), and they are blessed with four children - Annalise, Alyssia, Eliyah and Eli.

    Describing herself as passionate, humble yet unapologetic during a past interview, the mother of four has accumulated a plethora of some of the most exquisite and expensive items you'll ever find in a woman's wardrobe.

    Kenyan Luxury Vlogger Sonal Maherali.

    "I've always been that person who's wanted something creative in terms of fashion," she once revealed.

    This explains why she is one of (if not the only) people who buy designer items worth hundreds of thousands and tears them up to customize each to her liking.

    Her walk-in closet is every girl's dream, with so many designers shoes from, Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, you name it, valued at a mind-boggling Ksh100 million.

    "This is my peaceful place," was her way to describe her shoe closet.

    The stay-at-home mum owns a pair of customised red bottom Louboutins -from designer Christian Louboutin, which retail at around Ksh600,000.

    She travels around all the fashion districts in the world for her vlog, and this has given her access to bags that could set you back an 80 by 100 plot in Ruai.

    Luxury Vlogger Sonal Maherali and her children.

    A quick search for an online listing of one of her Saint Lauren leather shoulder bag shows a price range of between Ksh104,000 and Ksh 332,000.

    "You cannot give others from an empty cup. You need to fill yourself first, love yourself or you'll burn out," she once responded when questioned on what she says to women who question the need to go after their dreams.

    Luxury Vlogger Sonal Maherali shows off a pair of Paris heels.

    Catch a glimpse of the luxury vlogger below: