Citizen TV Presenter Rescues Student With Special Talent

  • Brian Moreno was a smart, talented student in Class Eight when he first met Radio Citizen and Citizen TV presenter Willy M. Tuva.

    Radio Citizen presenters had travelled to Molo, Nakuru County in 2017 on a promotional roadshow that saw them interact with fans. Tuva was the master of ceremonies for the day and invited members of the crowd on stage to showcase their talents, with various goodies promised.

    Accompanied by his peers who were wearing school uniform, Moreno grabbed the opportunity and jumped on stage, leaving the crowd screaming for more as he 'commentated' on a fictional football match.

    Tuva was beyond impressed, but little did Moreno know that the Mambo Mseto host would go on to play an even bigger role in his life.

    Mambo Mseto host poses with an award for Best Radio/TV Presenter in Africa at the AFRIMMA awards in October 2019

    That year, he did well in his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam and was admitted to Molo Secondary School. There was one problem though, his family was unable to raise school fees.

    One day, as Tuva went to work to host his show, he spotted a familiar face, Moreno, accompanied by his mother, waiting for him at the gate of Royal Media Services (RMS) offices in Nairobi.

    Upon hearing of Moreno's plight, Tuva resolved to help the family and offered to take care of Moreno's school fees. Now in Form 3, Tuva stated that Moreno was doing well in high school.

    In a conversation with on Wednesday, January 29, Tuva disclosed that he had just secured registration for his non-governmental organization (NGO), Mzazi Foundation.

    The organization is already involved in various initiatives, including youth empowerment, visits to children's homes and educational programs.

    "He was very talented and he told me he wanted to be a radio presenter so I helped him.

    "I just registered Mzazi Foundation as an NGO and that's what I'm focused on right now, along with the Mseto East Africa Awards which will be held in 2020.

    "A lot has been given to me so it's important to give back," Tuva stated.

    Brian Moreno pictured at Molo Secondary School in January 2020

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    Watch a video of Moreno's radio presenting skills below: