Viral Video of NTV's Mijungu Desperately Calling Waititu Stirs Kenyans

  • Millions of Kenyans on Thursday evening, January 30, anticipated an interview in which ousted Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, was to be featured.

    The interview, set to be hosted by NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu, however, did not take place after Waititu failed to show up.

    In a video that has since gone viral, a devastated Mijungu could be seen contacting Waititu, whose phone went unanswered.

    Ousted Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu (Left) at the constitutional division of the High Court on Thursday, January 30.

    Using the hashtag #WaitituSpeaks, a section of Kenyans stood with Waititu, blaming the media house for a story published on the Daily Nation of Thursday, January 30, which insinuated that the ousted governor was a clown.

    "Clowns calling clowns and wondering why the other clown is not being a gentleman," Charles Okwiri stated.

    "Nation Media Group: Why do Kenyans vote for clowns? Me: Because clowns are all they watch on TV, read on newspapers and hear on radio," another one weighed in.

    "The Daily Nation headline already called Waititu a clown and you still expect him to pick up your calls," Sharon Oteya commented.

    "Giving limelight to the same politicians they call clowns. Why do local media love these clowns?" Julishwa probed.

    "So you call him a clown in the morning then later in the evening you want to interview him. 'Their father' is not as foolish as you think," James Nyisebo remarked.

    Since Wednesday, January 29, Waititu has been making headlines after he was impeached by the Senate and his ouster was gazetted by Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka. 

    The gazette notice announced that Waititu had been impeached on grounds of gross violation of the constitution, the County Government Act, the Public Finance Management Act, 2012, and the Public Procurement and Disposal Act. 

    On Thursday, January 30, Waititu filed an application under a certificate of urgency at the constitutional division of the High Court in Kiambu, challenging his impeachment.

    He sought conservatory orders revoking the Senate's move to impeach him with disregard to his ongoing graft case pending its hearing and determination.