Jalango's Father Dying Wish That Changed His Family's Life

  • Popular comedian and media personality Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang'o, opened up on his father's last message to him moments before his demise.

    Speaking with Jeff Koinange on Hot 96 FM's A Story a Day segment in 2017, he narrated that before his father's death, he wrote a letter to him and urged him to build his mother a house and take his brothers to school.

    Having come from a poor family that denied him many opportunities, he intimated that even his work in Nairobi at the time was not enough to sustain the family at home, but he was trying really hard, a matter that his father appreciated.

    "The saddest part is that when my father was sick, I did not have the money to take care of him. It is not like it was too serious a disease that could not be cured, but even if it was a common cold, I would not have had enough money to take care of him," Jalang'o recounted.

    Jeff and Jalas on Hot 96.

    Jalang'o further narrated that his father passed on the very same day he got his first job, and when he went to the burial ceremony, he encountered the message that had been left for him.

    "When I got home for his burial, I got a letter that he had written where he told me that things were not looking good on his side, and if he never got well, it would be my duty to build my mother a home and [ensure] my brothers go to school," he recalled.

    It was when he returned to the city that he dedicated his energies towards achieving success for the sake of his family and to fulfill his father's last appeals.

    Jalang'o intimated that as of 2017, one of his brothers had already graduated from the university and had a successful job of his own.

    "My younger called Locks has never seen trouble. By the time he came to Nairobi, he already had everything set for him. He has never tasted trouble. All he does is add tattoos on his body and look good and dress well," he narrated.

    His other brother Josh, he narrated, was still at the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) while his sister had gotten married.

    In 2019, Jalang'o also intimated that he was building an enviable mansion for his mother in their traditional Siaya home.

    Popular comedian Felix Odiwuor poses for a photo in his vehicle.

    He intimated that it was after he had seen all members of his family transition through the education system that he began his studies to achieve his long-life dream.

    "Sometimes, when you see us in class, it is not that we want to be in class now. We could have been in class early enough, but it was not the right time, but now, it is the right time."

    He intimated that the reason he chose to pursue a bachelor's degree in community development was so that he could give back to the community which had made him the person he is.

    "I really want to go back to the community and work, at whichever position, even in an NGO just to give back to the community, to be able to look back and thank God for helping me impact the community," he told Koinange.