Cliff Ombeta's Heart-Warming Surprise for Bullied Cleaning Lady

  • High-profile criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta is the latest Kenyan to come to the aid of Lucy Gatimu, a cleaning lady who was the victim of an online bullying incident.

    Gatimu had responded to a tweet advising Kenyans to support struggling children they met on the streets by buying them school bags or uniform when the conversation went south. She asked the user, one OsamaOtero, to start with her as she could use extra uniforms for her children.

    The user viciously insulted Gatimu who zealously promotes her door-to-door cleaning service on Twitter, telling her to 'sell her smartphone' and 'be a mother'.

    Ombeta on Tuesday, February 4 offered to take care of Gatimu's daughters' school fees for a whole year.

    File photo of Lucy Gatimu

    "I have spoken to her. Offered to pay fees for the whole year. She is happy," Ombeta wrote on social media.

    An out-pouring of love and support from Kenyans on Twitter had followed after Gatimu was attacked with users coming together to raise funds for her.

    At one point on Monday, February 3, Gatimu's mobile money account had reached the maximum balance limit of Ksh100,000 as Kenyans kept sending her money.

    Another group offered to purchase a washing machine for her to make her work easier, asking her to pick one out and share the price.

    Castle Gardens Hotel, based in Nairobi's Garden Estate, offered to treat the mother of two to lunch along with her daughters.

    "For your hard work we would love to treat you and your 2 daughters to a lovely lunch at our hotel," the establishment wrote.

    An overwhelmed Gatimu took to her page to thank everyone who offered her a helping hand.

    "Thank you so much guys for the love you have showed us. I lack words to express how we feel, what we are sure is that we really appreciate and may God remember this kindness you have done and answer all your desires and come through for you all," she wrote.

    Over the past few months, Gatimu's consistent promotion of her venture has made her a darling among Twitter users helping her secure several clients.

    Brushing off trolls, she often states that her determination is down to her desire to provide for her family.

    "I'm not ashamed of my hustle so please stop making me feel bad about it with your negative words. I'm so blessed to have the best clients from here.Thank you guys for the support," she once tweeted.

    File photo of Lucy Gatimu