Lulu Hassan Leads Celebrities in Standing With DJ's Ailing Child

  • Media celebrities including Citizen TV's Lulu Hassan, actress Brenda Wairimu, Nyce Njeri and TV Host Maureen Waititu have come together in support of a DJ's ailing baby.

    The celebrities rallied behind Deejay Gavnah the Realest by urging their fans to contribute towards his son's medical bill.

    "Sweet sweet baby needs our help. Send something if you can, share if you can, a little goes a long long way," Brenda Wairimu wrote on her Instagram page as Lulu Hassan reposted it.

    A medical appeal by Lionel Legend's family

    Njeri and Waititu, on the other hand, shared the poster on their Instagram stories.

    Baby Lionel Legend, who was diagnosed with Meningitis at the age of four months has been admitted in hospital since December 2019.

    "He has been in admission at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital and Kenyatta National Hospital respectively since December," read a part of the poster posted on Deejay Gavnah's social media pages.

    "My little champ Lionel needs your support fam. Whatever amount you can afford is much appreciated," he pleaded.

    Meningitis is an infection that affects the delicate membranes called meninges. Meninges cover the brain and spinal cord. The causative organism is often age-dependent.

    Some of its symptoms include; confusion, fever, headache, sensitivity to light, a stomach upset or vomiting and a stiff neck and it is caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

    Speaking to, the Head of department community health, College of Health Sciences at Mt Kenya University, Ruth Kimani, stated that infants and children are at a particular risk for meningitis because they lack immunity to many causative pathogens.

    Bacterial meningitis can spread between people in close contact, viral meningitis is less severe and most people are able to recover completely without treatment.

    On the other hand, fungal meningitis is rare and happens only in people whose immune system has been weakened.