Papa Dennis Died Poor & Miserable - Close Friend Opens Up

  • On Saturday, February 8, Kenyans woke up to the shocking news of award-winning Kenyan gospel musician Dennis Mwangi alias Papa Dennis' death.

    Papa Dennis' friends have now painted a picture of a struggling musician following his death and the discovery of his body by the roadside in Pangani, Nairobi.

    BBC journalist Roncliffe Odit on Saturday, February 8, told, that the musician, contrary to many people's belief, was broke.

    ward-winning gospel musician Dennis Mwangi alias Papa Dennis.

    "I was among the first presenters to play his songs when I was working in QFM, he was also a personal friend and I knew him when he was first signed by Maliza Umaskini.

    "He was very humbled and talented. Sadly, just like any other musician, he never invested the cash. He lived large and when he finally parted ways with Maliza Umaskini, he had nothing," Roncliff Odit stated.

    "Life became very hard. The society out here thinks he is loaded while in the real sense, he had nothing. He was struggling," he added.

    The cause of death still remains unclear. It is yet to be established whether he committed suicide by jumping off a building or was hit by a vehicle.

    Papa Dennis started his music career after he was discovered at the Maliza Umaskini Initiative in Matunda by MP Alfred Keter and Sadat Muindi.

    He has released songs with popular Kenyan musicians like Jimmy Gait in 'Makeke' and Daddy Owen in Foundation.

    He successfully sold his music across Kenya's borders, building a reputation that saw him feature the likes of Tanzanian musician Ray C for the hit,Tornado, and Nigeria's Mr Flavour for the hit, Mayaya Remix.

    Papa Dennis leaves behind a twin brother and three other siblings.

    BBC Presenter Roncliff Odit