Clip of Chinese Whipping Kenyan Waiter Goes Viral [VIDEO]

  • On Saturday, February 8, a rather disturbing video of a man of Chinese descent caning a Kenyan waiter surfaced online.

    According to K24 Digital, the man believed to be a senior officer at Chez Wou Restaurant in Kileleshwa, punished the waiter for allegedly being late to work.

    In the video, the waiter could be seen leaning on a bench and received two strokes of the cane.

    When reached out to the restaurant for clarification, we were served with another version of the story.

    Chinese hotel officer whipping a Kenyan waiter over allegations of reporting late to work at Chez Wou Restaurant in Kileleshwa, Nairobi.

    The restaurant's owner, Deng, informed that the two were just playing, noting the laughter that could be heard in the background.

    Deng stated that the Chinese chef and the waiter (Simon Aseko Sairo), were playing out a dare.

    "They made a bet, one cane for Ksh 300, and so for the two stokes he was paid Ksh 600," Deng stated, adding that the video recording was from three months ago.

    Dennis Omogah, the restaurant's manager, told that Simon had been dismissed for allegedly stealing from the eatery and was using the video to blackmail the owner into paying him off. 

    He alleged that Simon had presented the video to Kileleshwa Police Station, accusing the restaurant of mistreating him.

    Police officers visited the eatery, and later on, Deng accompanied them to the station where he recorded a statement pending investigations. 

    "He went to the police and told them that he had sustained injuries from the canes and was seeking medical attention," Deng narrated.

    "However, when the police asked him to present medical receipts to prove that he was under treatment, he had none. He is just using the video to solicit money from me," he alleged.

    Omogah informed that on February 1 and 2, Aseko had visited the restaurant seeking money and was instead offered a two-day job, upon which he was paid Ksh 1,000, and he left.

    Deng, the restaurant's owner alleged that two people approached him on Friday, February 7, one presented himself as a reporter from K24 Digital and the other as an officer from the DCI.

    "These two people came to my restaurant yesterday with the video, one says he is from K24 and the other one is a DCI. They had the video," Deng spoke.

    "I told them if you want lunch, I will give you, anything else no. This DCI guy, called Alpha, says they want Ksh 300,000, I told them no," he added.

    Deng stated that after the meeting, he called Kileleshwa Police Station, they denied sending an officer to his premises.

    Omogah refuted allegations that the restaurant was mistreating its employees, adding that payments were even made to them on time and even salary advances issued to those in need.

    In the video, the person behind the camera could be heard cracking up in laughter giving a not so clear indication as to whether the beating was real or just play.

    The hotel officer could also be seen glancing at the camera seemingly aware he was being recorded.