Moi's Long-Time Love Follows Him in Death

In the making of a great physical appearance, many public leaders go the extra mile to ensure they portray the best image in their daily ventures.

For politicians, private sector leaders and other notable personalities, a sense of fashion plays an important role in how people view them.

Many ensure that everything is on point, from the clothes' designs, hairstyle as well as accessories such as jewellery, shoes and ties.

Undisputable in the list of Kenyan personalities who had a sense of fashion is the late former President Daniel Moi who always stood out clad in great outfits.

A past photo of former president Daniel Moi

Moi is well known for standing out in public donning fashionable ties that always stood out from his suits.

Even at the viewing in Parliament on February 8, Moi's body was dressed in a suit that was accessorised by a tie coloured in red, grey and white designs.

The late former President Daniel Moi was dressed in a colourful tie even in death

According to fashion enthusiasts, the colour of a tie is vital and indicates a person's current mood.

“Warm colours exhibit vibrance, such as red, orange and yellow. Cooler colours are associated with calmness, such as blue, green and purple. Floral ties can mainly go with dull suits to brighten them.

“There are different ties to wear on different occasions for example when attending meetings, interviews, office, normal days or church events,” remarked Grace Mugure, a fashion expert who spoke to

The expert also indicated that it’s always important for the tie to stand out, an aspect that was well embraced by the late former president.

“The tie should stand out against your chest and draw attention to the fact you’re actually wearing a tie. 

“What’s the point in putting one on if it literally fades into the background?” remarked our expert.

She also stated that ties may influence other people’s reactions either positively or negatively.

A person attending an interview stands a bigger chance of getting a job if he or she is dressed appropriately and fashionably, as compared to those dressed in an old-fashioned way. 

“Thus, it's important for us as humans to dress well and neatly to keep up with the latest fashion trends so as not to be branded as traditional,” added the expert.

A past photo of former president Daniel Moi

A past photo of former president Daniel Moi
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