Churchill Names Team Behind Show's Success [VIDEO]

  • In a world of big names, curiously, the true heroes tend to be anonymous, as was revealed when celebrated comedian Daniel 'Churchill' Ndambuki paid tribute to his team.

    The people featured on the video he shared on YouTube on Sunday, February 9, never make it to the stage but he was quite clear that without them, his show would not be the success story that it has grown into.

    His weekly show across the various counties and towns involves logistical nightmares that would drive most insane, and Churchill was quick to point out that one lady is the glue that holds them all together.

    Josephine Anyika -the lady in question, is in charge of making tea for the entire crew as they go about setting up for the show.

    Daniel Churchill Ndambuki enjoys light moment with Josephine Anyika.

    Churchill gave her a glowing review stating, "this is the manager, without her none of our meetings would take place. Everything would come to a standstill if Josephine was not around".

    The charismatic lady when on to disclose that she prepared tea for at least 100 people every given day, a role she greatly values.

    One man who also revels in his position is the show producer, Lenny Kitili.

    Despite working crazy hours, the effervescent producer explained with pride how everything works.

    "There are five teams working concurrently. A workshop team, the setup team, the ticketing team, the administration team, and the production team," he revealed.

    "It takes dedication, teamwork, commitment and a lot of logistics," he added when asked to explain how they are able to pull successful shows week in, week out.

    Churchill Show producer Lenny Kitili.

    Arguably two of the most important cogs in the great Churchill Show machine when it comes to the final product that is aired every weekend are the technical directors John Khisia and James Mwangi.

    These two handle everything that goes around the show from agreeing on the venue, set up of the tent, stage, sound, lighting, client exhibition area, food area, security, basically making them the backbone of the entire production.

    "It takes us seven days to set all this up and another seven to dismantle everything and begin work on the next show," an enthusiastic Khisia explained.

    Mwangi on his part deals with all the video content at the show, and he was quick to point out that whenever technical glitches arise, the team of editors and the comedians somehow find a way to ensure a seamless transition.

    Churchill Show Technical Director John Khisia.

    He went on to air an example of an instance when popular comedian, Njoro, was the victim of a technical glitch involving a faulty screen. The witty comedian quickly improvised and made the glitch part of his joke, leaving the crowd in stitches.

    Churchill explained that everyone in his team was a leader in their own respect, adding that it was thanks to their dedication and discipline that they had scaled to unimaginable heights.

    The celebrated comedian has been dubbed the undisputed king of comedy with his show the first in Kenya to hit over 1 million subscribers on youtube.

    He was full of pride as he introduced his team to the world, adding that it was their dedicated effort coupled with God's grace that had propelled the show to greater heights.

    Churchill Show Technical Director James Mwangi.