Journalist Makes 14-yr-Old Daughter CEO of Media Business

After losing a job, many people end up frustrated with the abrupt interference of their normal earnings, sometimes leading to depression and other related problems.

However, this was not the case with former popular Kameme FM presenter Moses Kanyira who is slowly pulling from the ejection rubble, now forming Moses Kanyira TV that airs live on YouTube.

Speaking to on Friday 14, Kanyira narrated the unfortunate incident that is slowly turning into a blessing in the previously unfamiliar forum.

Kanyira, known for his signature introduction during news bulletins, indicated that he decided to start the forum and feature his three children.

“The unfortunate step that led to my job loss was initially a problem for me and to anyone affected. However, this also served as the beginning of my new life in digital journalism.

“I did not have to recruit people to run the YouTube channel. My eldest child (Persevere Nyawira,14,) became my CEO despite her young age. The other children took the role of technical director (Emmanuel John, 13, ) and sound director (Maryanne Njeri,11,). I have always trained them to be real-time journalists,” remarked Kanyira.


According to the scribe, the decision to appoint his children to the positions acted as a motivation for them to pursue technical courses.

“From their young age, I taught my children the art of management for the sake of their future. I only wish them well and as a parent, it is my role to mould them for greatness. The fact that they are children poses a challenge to other people who are afraid to try out new things.

“I always insist on talent development. When any of my children got to Class Four, I made sure that they started computer training for the sake of their future life. They also formed the Kanyira Band that performs on different occasions and this helps them get some earnings too,” he told this writer.

Kanyira also indicated that the brand he is building is meant to be the children’s treasure and once they attain the legal age of eighteen years, the official registration shall be undertaken.

Although the channel started up with recorded and edited content, the long-time journalist slowly transitioned to live broadcast, now running the popular newspaper review session every morning at 6 a.m.

“As days moved on, I saw it wise to start a forum where I review newspapers like every other station in the mainstream media. Surprisingly, things picked up well and subscribers grew from an initial 2,000 subscribers to over 10,000 in the first two months.

“My motivation started when I received the first earnings from my channel after increased traffic from the subscribers. I never thought that I would earn from a digital platform before,” he informed.

With a Facebook following of over 70,000 people, the journalist was able to link with his ardent followers in an easy way.

“I was not always open to social media but situations helped me discover its potential. My engagements increased and this replicated to the viewers' numbers.

“Without a doubt, this is an area that has not been exploited. Unlike the mainstream media, the digital space can still accommodate new users and help them make a living,” remarked Kanyira.

He also stated that he turned around his job loss and was able to venture into more activities, unlike the earlier when he was in employment.

“I am planning to expand and establish a modern studio in the coming days. This will help better the brand and its content.

“I would never regret the loss of my job at Kameme FM. It was an opportunity for me to spread my wings and explore new fields,” added the journalist.

Kanyira was among 160 employees who were laid off at Mediamax Network Limited in October 2019, after the company took drastic measures to cut on costs. 

Mediamax CEO Ken Ngaruiya quoted hard economic times and shrinking profits as a reason that led to the action.