GSU Officer Commits Suicide After Firing [VIDEO]

  • An officer in the line of duty
    An officer in the line of duty
  • A former GSU officer who hails from Kapkiamo hanged himself on Tuesday, February 18, leaving area residents in shock.

    Mark Kirui, is said to have left a suicide note in which he claimed he had been unfairly dismissed from his work.

    The former security officer intimated that his life had not been easy since he was sacked.

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    Kirui, who had served for 14 years, added that he lacked someone to talk to and help him cope with life.

    "I am very sorry to the entire family and community at large for my demise. 

    "The reason behind this is that my brothers and sister stayed away from me. Life has been hard for me since I left the Kenya Police Service,” read Kirui's suicide note in part.

    The deceased further accused Inspector General of Police Hilliary Mutyambai for not processing his benefits after he was dismissed. 

    Kirui's last wish was that his family takes care of his four children.

    In recent times, suicide cases have become rampant. According to data by the World Health Organisation in 2016, 800,000 people kill themselves yearly, which means that in every 40 seconds, one person commits suicide.

    The organisation further stated that suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29-year-olds, with most of the affected living in the low and middle-income countries.

    Some of the causes of suicide include; Failure of examinations, strained relationships, hard economic times or unemployment, social media bullying, depression and loneliness.

    Below is a video courtesy of KBC;