UoN Prof's Death Tears Family Apart

  • A photo of the late Prof Gilbert Ogutu.
    The late Prof Gilbert Ogutu.
  • A peaceful sendoff may not be what the celebrated UoN professor will get if the events of Monday, February 15, 2020, are anything to go by.

    The late Prof Gilbert Ogutu's passing, already coloured with insidious questions on the circumstances surrounding his death has not lessened in intrigue.

    This follows events that marred his autopsy scheduled for February 17, 2020, at the Bondo Sub-county Hospital.

    A photo of prolific UoN don the late Prof Gilbert Ogutu.
    Prolific UoN don the late Prof Gilbert Ogutu.

    According to a report by Daily Nation on February 19, 2020, the post-mortem was interrupted by a scuffle that ensued between his family members.

    The rising tension that nearly escalated into a physical confrontation was between the family of the late professor and his second wife, Imelda Ogutu and their son Timothy Ogutu.

    The source of the confrontation can be linked back to government pathologist Dickson Muchama's arrival at 7.00 p.m. Upon arrival, he chose to summon only the widow and the investigating officer for a consultative meeting, sidelining the other relatives who were present.

    Feeling slighted, they accused the pathologist and Imelda of intentionally locking out the professor's two daughters from his first wife- Rachel Ogutu and Esther Ogutu.

    "We are reading malice in this whole thing and we demand inclusivity in the process because we suspect foul play in professor's death," stated the most vocal of the professor's relatives, Kennedy Oduor.

    The ensuing confrontation spanned an hour and was only quelled after the pathologist allowed the two daughters to be included in the process.

    The government pathologist in a press conference stated that the results of the autopsy would be out after three weeks and that he was committed to providing answers to the sudden and mysterious death of the professor.

    "This is now a government process because of the sudden and unclear circumstances under which the professor died. We are here so that everything is done professionally. I am still working closely with the police. I want them to provide some additional information. I will do further histology tests on the tissue samples so that I can have a final report which will be handed over to the police," explained Muchama.

    A photo of the late Prof Gilbert Ogutu with former UoN VC Peter Mbithi.
    The late Prof Gilbert Ogutu with former UoN VC Peter Mbithi.
    The Standard

    The prolific history professor passed away on the night of Saturday 15, 2020 at the age of 78.

    Bondo Sub-County Police Commander Antony Wafula stated that a farmhand had discovered the professor's body hanging from a piece of cloth tied to the window of his bedroom on Sunday morning. 

    The body had no visible injuries when it was found.