Morning Commuters Terrified as 5 Lions Roam Free

  • A pride of lions pictured.
    A pride of lions pictured.
  • The mundane morning commute acquired a new chill after residents spotted five lions resting along their route.

    The pride, which comprised of three adult cats as well as two cubs was seen between the hours of 5 a.m and 7 a.m. on Monday morning by residents making their way to work.

    As per a report by Daily Nation published on Tuesday, March 10, the pride had been roaming various villages in Salama Ward, Laikipia West Constituency on Saturday and Sunday.

    Simon Mwangi, one of the residents of the area stated that the locals had significantly restricted their movements since the lions were spotted. 

    The pride of stray lions which were sighted outside the Nairobi National Park in October 2019.
    The pride of stray lions which were sighted outside the Nairobi National Park in October 2019.
    Daily Nation

    “On Saturday, the wild animals were spotted by residents near ADC Mutara Conservancy. We have been forced to remain indoors from 5 p.m. in order to stay away from the lions that mostly roam from sunset until early in the morning,” he told journalists.

    School children had also been affected by the presence of the lions as parents feared for their safety.

    The residents suspected that the animals had strayed from Solio Conservancy and asked the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) to contain them.

    Jacob Orahle, the Laikipia County Senior KWS Warden, provided that rangers would be mobilized to track the pride.

    “The animals usually stray from Solio Conservancy. Action will be taken and a team will be mobilised to drive back the animals into the conservancy,” stated Orahle. 

    Kenya is estimated to have a population of fewer than 2,000 lions according to reports by the KWS in 2019.

    Of these, Kenya loses about 100 lions per year with experts warning that the lions may be at risk of extinction in the next 15-20 years if nothing is done to save them.

    A lion and its cub pictured.
    A lion and its cub pictured.
    Daily Nation

    One of the biggest threats to the prides in the country is human-wildlife conflict. John Waithaka, director of Africa Protected Ares Congress (APAC) provided some of the dangers affecting the animals.

    “Loss of habitat and biodiversity due to corruption, climate change, poverty, and increased human population pose the greatest threat to the conservation of wildlife, protected areas, and the country’s ecosystem," he stated.

    Owing to this, lions were placed on the 2013 list of endangered species through the Wildlife Conservation Management Act.  

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